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  • (S390119B0) CYLINDER 4-1/2 X 24 HYD


    • $462.32


    CYLINDER 4-1/2 X 24 HYD

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Daniel Gustafson
    Wood splitter cylinder

    Ordered new cylinder to replace worn out one. Price was good, received in only a few days. Easy to install. Up & running in virtually no time whatsoever!

    Michael Putnam

    When we received the “new” cylinder we purchased. It looked like someone had taken A spray can and painted it. That someone must’ve been a two-year-old as there were runs and splotchy places all over it. When I called in to the company to ask if it was used? they said no it’s new but our guy outback spray bombs them after they get in from the factory???? So if you want a cylinder that has been sprayed bombed by a two-year-old I would recommend this purchase…..other than that no.

    Kevin Hansen

    Great help, service, and response

    Kenneth Sorensen
    Replacement Hydraulic cylinder for log splitter

    Since I didnt have experience replacing a hydraulic cylinder, I was nervous about purchasing the correct cylinder. After giving the representative the information, they knew exactly what I needed. It was an exact match, and the replacement went perfectly thanks to Foards!

    Mark Harri

    So I thought this was going to be a direct replacement for the cylinder on my Countyline log splitter. That is how I pulled it up on your website and That is the only reason I bought it from you.
    I am contemplating sending it back because I would have to make some modifications to my splitter, and hydraulic connections to make it work. I can’t make these modifications myself, so I would have to pay someone to do that.
    On the cylinder I currently have on the splitter the hydraulic connections are 29 1/2”
    On center and the cylinder sent it 28 1/2” on center. On the cylinder I have now, the front hydraulic connection is male, and the rear is female. On the cylinder you sent both connections are female.
    On The current cylinder the 1 3/4 hydraulic rod is necked down to 1 1/2” at the end to attach to the splitter. The one that was sent to me is not necked down to 1 1/2”, so I would have to modify how it attaches to the splitter.

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