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  • (BR002008) PUMP - HYDRAULIC 2.4GPM (C204) MINI, 7/16" shaft, key included (3/32"x1/2")

    Brave IO Dosko

    • $232.16

    PUMP - HYDRAULIC 2.4GPM (C204) MINI, 7/16" shaft, key included (3/32"x1/2"), In Port 3/8-18 NPT Low Pressure / Out Port 3/8-18 NPT High Pressure

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    Alan Wolfe
    Order #37354

    After a conversation with Foards on 18 December, I ordered a hydraulic pump for my PL04 log splitter. The conversation confirmed the troubleshooting section of the owners manual. Part of the advice offered was to change the hydraulic oil. I followed the instruction book, and replaced the hydraulic oil. I also removed and disassembled the original hydraulic pump for inspection. I could find no damage to the pump. The gears were in good shape with no apparent pitting, metal residue or misalignment. The engine coupling, spider and pump coupling showed no sign of damage.I reassembled and reinstalled the pump and tried a test run on the log splitter. The test run was satisfactory in every respect. I did not need the replacement hydraulic pump.

    Can I get a refund for the pump? If so, do I need a return authorization? I will pay return postage.

    Alan Wolfe

    David Raih

    The product was great, exactly what I needed. But I ordered it and paid for it December 16 and didn't receive it until March 18 and that was only because I called about my order on March 12.

    Michael Moody
    Well done

    We at Hopper Auto and Truck Service LLC appreciate the superior service provided by Foards staff. Our customer was just as pleased with our service and and we would not have been able to meet their expectations withou your assistance.

    George Moore

    Great service help with diagnostics to determine which parts were necessary. Quick shipping and people were very helpful.

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