(BR001113) ELEMENT - FILTER, 10 Micron

(BR001113) ELEMENT - FILTER, 10 Micron

Brave/Iron & Oak

  • $12.96

ELEMENT - FILTER, Compatible Models: Brave: HP1226F, LB1226, CTBB1526, VH2189, VH9020, VH0622, VH0626, VH1322, VH1326, VH9922, VH9926, BC1826, VH1724GC, VH1730GC, VH1737GX, VH9031, VH0234, VH0634, VH0934, VH1334, VH9934; Iron & Oak: BH1491, BHVH2091, BHH2003, BHH3003, BHH2013GX, BHH3013GX, BHH3013GXF, BHVH2202, BHVH2202FC, BHVH2602, BHVH2209, BHVH2209FC, BHVH2609, BHVH2212, BHVH2212FC, BHVH2612, BHVH2213GX, BHVH2213GXF, BHVH2613GX, BHVH2613GXD, BH2W2015GX, BHVH2495, BHVH2699, BHVH3091, BHVH3095, BHVH3715GX

Customer Reviews

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Robert Kowalke
Exact Replacement for your Brave Splitter

No need to have to struggle through cross reference part number charts. Get the exact filter your Brave splitter was equipped with when it left the factory. Brave recommends replacing the filter after the first 50 hours of operations and every 250 hours after that. These filters are reasonably priced so after the first 50 hours I replace them with every hydraulic oil change which is every 100 operating hours.

philip martin
Oil filter.

Great price on oil filters to my wood splitter.

Michael Schmidle

(BR001113) ELEMENT - FILTER, 10 Micron

Leo Hickman
The real deal

It is always a joy to do business with a company that does business the right way. Foard’s gets my vote for great company.

Glenn McCoy
As advertised

Fast service will use next time

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