(99969-6539) Kawasaki Tune-Up Kit, For FX481V, FX541V & FX600V

(99969-6539) Kawasaki Tune-Up Kit, For FX481V, FX541V & FX600V


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This complete kit has everything you need to maximize the performance and extend the life of your Kawasaki Engine. Every component is factory-specified and test-certified to optimum fit and performance. It's the fastest, easiest way to ensure quick starts, full power and torque, and maximum efficiency from your hard-working equipment - in minutes.

Kit Includes:

  • High efficiency oil filter
    • Works with the Kawasaki pressurized lubrication system to trap more dirt, improving cooling, and prolong the life of your engine 49065-7007
  • Canister air filter
    • Maximum air-cleaning power restores horsepower, improves efficiency and protects your engine from dust, grit and debris  11013-7048
  • OEM-specified spark plugs
    • Matched to your engine for easier starts, maximum power, and clean-running efficiency BRP4ES
  • K-Tech Engine Oil
    • K-Tech SAE30 4-stroke engine oil is formulated to reduce wear and oxidation to keep your engine running cool, clean and smooth 99969-6281
  • Protective Fuel Filter
    • Screen out abrasive dirt and contaminants before fuel enters the system, preventing wear and improving performance 49019-0014

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